IES Expertise in RF Services (BTS) Installation & Commissioning

  • Installation of BTS (NOKIA, SIEMENS, ALCATEL, ZTE & Huawei)install1
  • Installation of Feeder Cable with earthling provision
  • Making Connectors of Feeder Cable
  •  Installation of Jumper to BTS
  • Mounting of Antennas with physical alignment setting
  • Power Connection and earthling of BTS
  • Site Commissioning
  • Feeder Sweep Testing
  • Fault clearance intervention on-site (if required)
  • On-site environmental and BTS integration testing
  • Drive Testing (as specified by customer)
  • BTS Reconfiguration
  • Perform software/Hardware up-gradation of BTS
  • On-site BTS commission and network integration
  • Implement transmission plans and configuration
  • Checking alarms and fault clearance
  • Preparing relevant documentation

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